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"Nothing truly inexplicable is allowed to happen in fiction, lest the reader think the writer has made a mistake" - Patrick Ness

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Another WGW, another batch of quotes from unfortunate goths. Names (and context) are omitted to protect the guilty and help with misinterpretation...

"How will this end, Molari?"
"In fire!"

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Work in progress.

"I can control it... I don't know how yet..."

"I like leather... which is unfortunate."

"A wide range of sauces, to cover every type of goth"

"He'd be gay if it wasn't for the sex..."

"It would have been over much sooner, if only I'd been able to swallow..."

"Shetland pony. Chocolate. No."

"Now I feel dirty for stroking his velvet..."

"Around Benji's ankles, gazing up adoringly-"
"-it's where the buxom redheads should be..."

"Oh look, you're on top..."

"I can't believe she doesn't move, she just wrinkles..."

"Morph wants to keep the torture porn"

"I can't believe you think I need Ant to hold open a frog for me..."

"you want to floss his brain?"
"Just his pixie..."

"these aren't going on LiveJournal are they? They're just for your personal use..."

"It may have less buttocks than the optimal plan..."

"If you're fluffy to start with and then you get wet, I think you get slimy..."

"The bellabunny rampage list..."

"Is it now I have to tackle him to the floor...?"

"You've got something stuck in your monkey!"

"You can all take turns with me"

"Morph still has tasty balls...!"

"Are your knees arousing people again...?"

"Hello, you look like you're easily stackable..."

"No elf porn! Not this early in the day..."

"...and why do all my quotes involve porn!"

"No, no, not with the porn!"

"Men don't tesselate"

"There are so many other goths out there to terrorize, why pick on us?"
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Because I want a copy of this particular quote where I can find it. And also for [ profile] the_g_man. :)

'The whole Goth thing for me is a state of mind. An admittance that you're not the same as the people who work in Barclays Bank and you'll never really subscribe to the idea that you'll do a day job and come home to watch Big Brother.'
Lee Chaos, Wasp Factory Records
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Meant to post this a while back, but better late than never...

Names (and context) have been removed to protect the guilty. But feel free to guess. :)
Yet more proof that goths and alcohol should never be combined... )


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