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"Nothing truly inexplicable is allowed to happen in fiction, lest the reader think the writer has made a mistake" - Patrick Ness

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...the Amazon incident persuaded me to go check if there was a new Donna Tartt novel on the way. And, much to my surprise, there is.

It's tentatively called "Tribulation", and is currently being edited/polished - it's supposed to be out for February 2nd 2002. All of these details were found here

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Well, they're getting there... slowly.

"Die Geheime Geschichte" was top of my recommendations today. Hmmm, thinks I, half awake (my German is, er, 'nacht sehr gut' anyway...)- isn't that a L'ame Immortelle album, or something of that ilk? Sounds very promising.

No, it's a book by Donna Tartt. For one brief, joyful second I think "Yay, she's written something new!". And then I realise that they're trying to sell me the German translation of The Secret History, which I already own. D'oh. Still, they do get an 'A' for effort...

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I'm amused. I decided, out of pure curiosity, to look at my recommended purchases - which are supposed to be tailored to me, based on what I've bought so far. Well, they suggest that I should buy "The Collected Columns of Julie Burchill".

Er... no. Not even if I run low on toilet paper.

On a happier note, it's trying to rain outside. At last.

Home again

Jul. 1st, 2001 09:36 pm
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A very odd, and not entirely comfortable, weekend. But it had its good points - at least I got a chance to catch up on my reading.

If you haven't already done so, I seriously suggest you read Neil Gaiman's new novel, American Gods. A Very nice piece of work, covering a few of the themes that turned up in Sandman's "Season of Mists" and "Brief Lives"... and a whole lot more, besides. Highly recommended - and if you're anything like me, you'll immediately want to re-read it, to see just how it all fits together...


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