Feb. 18th, 2015

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The first butterfly flittered past at lunchtime. A red admiral, I think, although it didn't get too close.

More gardening took place today and, although it's probably not that exciting for anyone but me, I'm using LJ to keep track of such things this year. So...

The second raised bed's now clear and the big one's now... getting there.

The nettles got into it last year and getting them out again could be problematic. The roots are tangled, go pretty deep and are only too happy to regrow if the smallest bit survives. We'll see how that goes.

I've also got half a dozen baby potatoes that were hiding in there - at least two different varieties. I can't remember what they were but, if space allows, I'll find somewhere to plant them this year - homegrown potatoes are always good, but I'm also planning to buy more, so the sad looking remnants are not my priority...

The smaller, newly clear bed is now home to Serpent garlic, Early Purple Wight garlic and Red Donetsk garlic.

Which still leaves most of its space for carrots or something else - but probably carrots, as carrot-eating insects mostly navigate by scent and really don't like garlic.

Looking around the borders, the globe artichoke is thriving, one of the daylilies is back (...the other, not so much) and the Babbington's Leek (which I'd assumed was dead after bindweed swamped it) is recovering nicely - given that I gave up and bought two more to replace it, I may need to think of some good recipes.

The first of the Daffodil Garlic bulbs I planted last week is also sprouting nicely in its pot. :-)


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