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It's payday. So, as ever, the money is burning a hole in my pocket. Accordingly, I'm going back and buying some of the many things I'd looked at and wailed "I can't afford this!" about last month.

Like CDs. And boots. Especially boots. I've been putting off buying a new pair for years now - my old pair have been re-soled thrice, had the toes fixed/reinforced once, and more recently been superglued on several occasions. They're now very, very dead - a finger-sized hole on the underside of one toe, and nothing left to reattach the (still fairly presentable) soles too.

So I've bought a couple of new pairs - these and, more notably/expensively, these. Looks like I'll finally be attempting, if not mastering, the fine art of dancing in Smegg boots...

It's funny (and probably very peculiarly goth), but buying boots is much more An Event (and seems more style-defining) than buying trousers, say, or a new top. But maybe that's just because most people own less boots than trousers, so it's a rarer event...? Mmm. Maybe.

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Does that sound like an Edward Gorey book title to you? The tale itself is actually a bit closer to Dilbert...

It's not my fault. Well, ok, it is my fault, but wasn't actually intentional. A not-too-awful week at work ended up with me being unexpectedly hauled into a meeting with some of the "Great and Powerful". And while we don't actually have a shirt-and-tie dress code these days (just as well, as I was wearing T-shirt and jeans), I was looking a bit unshaven at the time (it'd been a long week...) - which got some odd looks and comments.

Being scruffy and unshaven can be considered grounds for a formal 'presentation and appearance' snottigram from the HR catberts. And I can really do without one of them right now.

However, having a beard is fine. And even HR have to acknowledge that nobody can suddenly acquire a beard without some scruffy transitional stubble. So I'm officially growing a beard.

I don't actually intend to keep it, of course. I just need to leave it for a while, so that I can credibly say "this looks silly - beards don't really suit me, do they?" and lose it again. Well, unless it astonishes me by looking halfway decent.

I love my job. No, really...


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