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Well, at the start of the month I said I'd slow done. I'm not sure I've succeeded. Or, more to the point, I have.. a bit... but perhaps not enough.

So, in the style of Ms. Jones, here's the "what I've been up to" report (mostly goth-things, as it's been a goth-thing month) for July, including the things that are definitely planned for the next few days:

Gigs attended: 5

Bands seen: 12 (Descendants of Cain, Emma Conquest, D.U.S.T., Waterglass, Diva Destruction, Swarf, Freudstein, Ip, D.U.S.T. (again), Emma Conquest (again), Faces of Sarah, Inkubus Sukkubus.

Cities visited (other than Coventry): Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Southampton, Bournemouth.

Clubs visited: Cafe Transylvania (x4), Shriek, The Calling, Black Machine, Damnation, Intrusion, Exile.

Picnics attended: 1

Alcohol consumed: Too much.

Expensive takeaway food purchased and/or consumed: See previous question.

Books purchased: 3

Books read: 7

Sleep: Too little.

Overtime: 22 hours (est.)
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My head hurts, my eyes don't seem to want to focus properly and I can't get any sleep. I think some sort of bug is creeping up on me, using heat exhaustion as a stalking horse. This is not good.

Aside from anything else, it's left me in an unusually pointy mood. Or, rather, just as pointy as usual - but without the energy/alertness to self-censor reliably.

Some rain would be nice. Preferably before I kill somebody or seriously limit my career.

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It's just too hot. I'm generally bad with heat, and I'm working in a glass box with no air conditioning, which doesn't help.

Also, as it's far too hot for coffee (and I don't drink Cola-type things if I can possibly help it), my caffeine consumption has dropped to virtually zero.

This means that my brain is stuck in neutral until I adjust. Wonderful.

Oh well, normal service will be resumed in September. Always assuming that I survive the Bicon experience, of course...

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Time to slow down. I've been travelling a lot recently - visited a couple of festivals, a lot of friends, far too many clubs and gigs.

It's definitely taking its toll. Not severely, but enough that I notice it. So I'm taking a break for a bit, to recover. Or at least that's the theory. Given that I'm still going to at least one club a week and attending at least five gigs in July (one in Bath, one in London, two in Birmingham, one in Coventry...), it's not really much of a break, is it?

Maybe I'll just settle for more sleep and less alcohol. It seems that I'm drinking progressively less at clubs and gigs anyway, which can only be a good thing.


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