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Friday, 29 August 2008

Deadfilmstar + Pro-jekt + Zeitgeist Zero + Hell Raised + Wrapped in Plastic

At Three Tuns, Coventry

Price: £3.00

Which, let's be honest, is a bargain. I'm not the greatest fan of Deadfilmstar - just not my thing, really - but Pro-Jekt and Zeitgeist Zero are always fun.

So, who's going?

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I've been trying to stay out of the various WGW threads on [ profile] whitby and the WGW website forum. However, one thing's now cropped up on both...

WGW HQ has now sold out of tickets. Fair enough, no problem there.

But some people affected by the April admission problems are saying they haven't received their refund / discount vouchers(?) yet, and that the discount applied to tickets bought from WGW HQ (and as far as these people understand, only to tickets from WGW HQ).

Which means... )
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I'm sure some people have already seen this, but VNV Nation UK dates now seem to be confirmed...

formation tour 2005 - uk
23 Nov 05 - Liverpool (Birkenhead) - Hex
24 Nov 05 - Edinburgh - Teviot House Student Union
25 Nov 05 - Newcastle - Legends
26 Nov 05 - Sheffield - Corporation
27 Nov 05 - London - Islington Academy
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Black Celebration. APB and Mesh, hmm? A week after WGW? Well, I'd like to see them - and Faetal, and Katscan... but we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and while I remember (link as promised to [ profile] drivenapart): Bring Out Your Dead.
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Because I want a copy of this particular quote where I can find it. And also for [ profile] the_g_man. :)

'The whole Goth thing for me is a state of mind. An admittance that you're not the same as the people who work in Barclays Bank and you'll never really subscribe to the idea that you'll do a day job and come home to watch Big Brother.'
Lee Chaos, Wasp Factory Records

Oh feck...

May. 25th, 2005 07:37 pm
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April 13th - April 15th, 2006.

That's the dates for Convergence (New Orleans). What are the odds that it's also the date for something else I want to attend?

Do we have confirmed dates for Dark City or Beyond the Veil 2006 yet? I'm hoping that Whitby is the week after, but we'll see...

(This would also mean I get paid on the last day of WGW. This thought is not exactly thrilling. I'll start saving now, shall I?) WGW dates now confirmed. Just after my payday. Heh.
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Meant to post this a while back, but better late than never...

Names (and context) have been removed to protect the guilty. But feel free to guess. :)
Yet more proof that goths and alcohol should never be combined... )
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It's payday. So, as ever, the money is burning a hole in my pocket. Accordingly, I'm going back and buying some of the many things I'd looked at and wailed "I can't afford this!" about last month.

Like CDs. And boots. Especially boots. I've been putting off buying a new pair for years now - my old pair have been re-soled thrice, had the toes fixed/reinforced once, and more recently been superglued on several occasions. They're now very, very dead - a finger-sized hole on the underside of one toe, and nothing left to reattach the (still fairly presentable) soles too.

So I've bought a couple of new pairs - these and, more notably/expensively, these. Looks like I'll finally be attempting, if not mastering, the fine art of dancing in Smegg boots...

It's funny (and probably very peculiarly goth), but buying boots is much more An Event (and seems more style-defining) than buying trousers, say, or a new top. But maybe that's just because most people own less boots than trousers, so it's a rarer event...? Mmm. Maybe.

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That was a fun night - in Cambridge for The Calling, with Fross as guest DJ. It also happened to be [ profile] elise's 20th birthday, with [ profile] ciphergoth and other folks in attendance.

Pretty much an abridged who's who of uk net.goths, really - Saiira, Tal, Suzi Brent, H Duffy, Avaritia, Marc Elston, Jynx Kat, Banshee, Loki and more. Plus all the resident Camgoths, of course. Enough to summon up that "party hard / emotional pressure cooker" atmosphere that you only usually get at Whitby and Slimelight, anyway. A mixed blessing, as ever. I think the Midlands contingent escaped more or less unscathed on this occasion, but the trauma and woe roadshow was definitely in town... :(

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This has more or less been a non-week for me, which is why the journal's been empty. I've been doing that "slow down" thing, although I'm not entirely sure that it worked.

I had a great night out at the new Oxford goth thing (Intrusion) on Tuesday, in the company of friends who I don't see as often as I ought to. But aside from that, it's been... quiet.

Sleep, work, food, a brief spell as a couch potato. That's been the majority of it. Looking at the utterly horrible week that many of my friends seem to have had, I think I got off very lightly indeed.
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Well, I've just announced the Evil Plan(tm) to the world.

Yet another Coventry goth night's just died (well, it's turned into a Nu-Metal night instead - so perhaps some sort of gangrene analogy would be more appropriate?)

So, before everything rearranges again, it seemed as good a time as any to announce the "In conjunction with Warwick Uni Gothsoc..." gig/event that we've been tentatively planning. Put all (or, at least, most of) the cards on the table and see how people respond. And make it very, very, clear that this is a one-off and not intended as competition for anything else that might be happening in Coventry come October...

I'm donning the asbestos trenchcoat now. ;)

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Dover is one of those places that's guaranteed to restore my lack of faith in humanity. I mention this solely because I spent six hours trapped there last week, after we missed our ferry. Not really the best start to a holiday - especially when I'd had to force myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 4AM so that we'd be there in time to catch that ferry...

One very awkward consequence of this delay was that when we finally reached the Losheim campsite it was 10:30 in the evening - and we had to pitch our (four) tents in the dark, aided by one small and feeble torch. Which went out after ten minutes. Oh, and we'd all assumed that someone else would bring a mallet. Ooops. As I say, really not the best start, although with hindsight it's almost funny.

From that point onwards, though, it was all pretty wonderful. Good music (my band review is on Usenet's uk.people.gothic, in the "Zillo" thread, if anyone's interested), friendly people, great atmosphere. One of the best weekends I've had in ages - even the bursts of torrential rain on Sunday afternoon couldn't ruin it. Perhaps they even added to the atmosphere, as the main result seemed to be an odd camaraderie - several thousand damp goths standing in ankle deep mud, cheerfully sharing umbrellas and alcohol with whoever happened to be standing next to them.

The downside of this was that returning to the UK, and then immediately going back to work, really wasn't much fun. Between exhaustion and the post-holiday blues (I find that everyday life always seems bleak, slow and generally worthless for a week or so after a really good holiday), I've been utterly antisocial - both online and irl. Especially this time, as I wasn't even in a very good mood when I left.

So, as ever, I apologise if I owe anyone e-mail! I'm now recovered, more-or-less awake and coherent again, so I'll try to catch up on everything over the next few days.


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