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"We live in an age now where you would never cast an older Doctor," says Russell T Davies in an interview for the show. "Absolutely never. Never over fifty, I wouldn't say over forty-five actually. So we'll always have young Doctors now, because that's what a hero is these days."

He goes from "never" through "always" to the important bit - "these days". These days won't last forever. Perhaps the targer audience will remain hostile to the idea of an older Doctor for years to come. But perhaps it won't - SF's in a slightly different situation from police procedurals and Doctor Who isn't an ensemble show like West Wing or Six Feet Under...

...but even so, Patrick Stewart seemed to work in ST:TNG and Edward Woodward worked just fine in The Equalizer. Never say never, hmm?
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That worked. I take back most of what I said about RTD's inability to write a good story.

More later.

There may be spoilers in them there comments, btw...
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Number of LJers reading [ profile] bbc_doctor_who:172

Number of LJers reading [ profile] bbc_music_news:, just me. There were two of us, but the other one's fled.
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[ profile] bbc_doctor_who syndicated news feed from the BBC site. Probably not guaranteed spoiler-free, especially if you're overseas.
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Yes, I've missed a few of these. Still, here we go...

Boom Town (& Bad Wolf trailer) spoilers )
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Another week of Doctor Who, another rather good story. Increasingly optimistic about this series.

Will probably ramble at length later.
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Probably old news, but look what's just appeared on Amazon.

Oh, yes...

Apr. 3rd, 2005 11:58 am
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And for those who don't have BBC3 access, the half-hour Doctor Who Confidential shows are also going up on the BBC website the day after each new episode screens on BBC1 (and will almost certainly be on the DVDs, when they're released).

They're a behind the scenes look at the new series, with a bunch of old-series interviews and clips thrown in too. Quite fun and very informative (and with an interesting choice of music - so far we've had Echo and the Bunnymen, Vangelis, The Killers, Violent Femmes, The Cure, Dead or Alive, and the Kinks...). It's all narrated by Simon Pegg, too.

Note: They're also quite hefty in terms of spoilers, mostly for the episodes they follow - so if you're not in the UK (or if you've just missed the episode) you might want to be careful about watching 'em.

"I only became an actor because of my love of bacon sandwiches and tea at 11 o'clock in the morning" - Tom Baker
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I liked that one much more that I'd expected to.

Cut for serious spoilers )
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Doctor Who DVD news:

BBC Worldwide have announced that the classic Fourth Doctor adventure City of Death is planned for release in November 2005.

At last.

Douglas Adams + Tom Baker + Julian Glover, Lalla Ward and the Mona Lisa (oh, and a little bit of John Cleese) = rather good Doctor Who. :)

("What a wonderful butler, he's so violent!")


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